Nordic News in Brief - September 2020

Summary of plastic news in brief from the Nordic plastics industry

Medical technology company acquired

Sweden: Nolato AB has acquired American GW Plastics. The acquired company has annual sales of approximately SEK 1.8 billion and a profit of about 7 percent. The acquisition sum is estimated to an amount of SEK 2 billion.

Residual materials become earplugs

Sweden: Reusable earplugs made from recycled plastic will soon see the light of day on the market. Behind the product is Jakob Sandman, who in collaboration with a Swedish manufacturer will use company´s residual materials of ABS and TPE for the sustainable earplug.


New representative for Sikora

Finland: Scanex AB is since 1 June 2020 new sales representative for Sikora in Sweden and Finland.


Pioneering project

Norway: Green Point Norway and Quantafuel have entered into a supply agreement for chemical material recycling. Green Point Norway, which runs the recycling company Plastretur, will recycle plastic packaging and deliver 10,000 tonnes to Quantafuel AS for chemical material recycling.


Gigantic business agreement

Denmark: Fiberline A/S has entered into an agreement with the wind power developer Nordex. The agreement valued more than one billion Danish crowns, runs over a three-year period and is the largest agreement to date in Fiberline's history.


Mesgo 100 % owned by Hexpol

Sweden: 2018, Hexpol acquired 80 percent of Mesgo Group. The Swedish group has now bought the remaining 20 percent of the Italian group. The EUR 39.8 million transaction took place in August.


Recycling economy PU-project

Denmark: Together with researchers and leading companies in the PU industry, Tinby A/S has launched a project that aims to create a completely new recycling economy for PU materials. The project, RePURpose, has received 2.5 million euros to develop a process for waste to return to its production cycle.


Expanded operations in China

Sweden: Polykemi Compounds, a subsidiary company of Polykemi AB, has completed a third factory building, which enables an increase of capacity. Today the Chinese company has a production capacity of 15,000 tonnes per annum. The third complex will make it possible to install at least five more production lines, which would increase the production capacity by two-thirds. 


Research on bio-based monomers

Sweden: Researchers at Lund University have developed various bio-based monomers to test which ones have the least carbon footprint and the best conditions for recycling and being made into polymers.


New ownership

Norway: EPS Recycle has been acquired by EPS Bewisynbra Group, which is also owns the Danish company Bewisynbra Circular Denmark.

Through the acquisition the new owner strengthens its operations in collection and recycling of EPS in Denmark.


Lego buys shares in Quantafuel

Denmark: The Lego family's investment and holding company Kirkbi has invested NOK 250 million (EUR 23 million) in the company Quantafuel, which converts plastic waste into synthetic oil products. Through the investment, Kirkbi will own 11 percent of the company.


Applying for expanded production

Sweden: Corebon Production AB, a manufacturer of radomes and other electrical equipment, is applying for an extended permit. Today, the company may use a maximum of 20 tonnes of epoxy annually. The company wants to increase its capacity to 135 tonnes of plastic raw material per year.


Tojos with a new strong owner

Sweden: Prototal has acquired Tojos Plast AB and thereby further strengthens its capacity in injection molding of plastic components. Tojo has 15 injection molding machines and sales of approximately SEK 40 million.

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