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The Purge Advantage: Less Time, Waste, and Frustration

A global plastics manufacturer significantly reduced scrap and downtime by using Ultra Purge™ 3615 from Chem-Trend, a high-quality thermoplastic purging compound, achieving an 85% reduction in scrap and a 69% cut in cleaning time.

Chem-Trend’s purging compound Ultra Purge™ helped solve yet another challenge. Discover the success story below or many other case studies here: Case Studies – Chem-Trend (chemtrend.com)

The challenge:

A global plastics packaging manufacturer faced significant challenges with high scrap rates and repeated downtime caused by persistent color contamination issues in their extrusion blow molding equipment. Residual particles remained in the barrel and head of the machinery, leading to unusable products and excessive waste. Additionally, the need for frequent and extensive cleanings contributed to considerable operational delays.

Assessing solutions:

The search for a viable solution was extensive and fraught with difficulties. Despite testing several purging compounds available on the market, none could adequately reduce the scrap to the desired levels. The manufacturer even attempted to create their own liquid purge blend, but this too failed to meet their needs. When partnered with Chem-Trend, a turning point was reached. Chem-Trend provided product samples and dedicated technical support, which facilitated a crucial test of their purging compound, Ultra Purge™ 3615, during challenging color changes from green to white, as well as during startup and shutdown processes.

The best match:

Ultra Purge™ 3615, a ready-to-use, self-emptying purging compound made of high-quality thermoplastic polymers, proved to be highly effective. It successfully removed all residues, allowing for quick cleanup and production without any color contamination. The impact of introducing Ultra Purge™ 3615 was great: not only did it reduce the scrap produced during light-to-dark color changes from between 400 to 800 kilograms down to just 100 kilograms, but it also reduced machine cleaning downtime by 69%.

This successful implementation led to an 85% overall reduction in scrap rates, enhancing the quality of the products and the efficiency of the operations significantly. Encouraged by these results, the manufacturer is now planning to extend the use of Ultra Purge™ 3615 technology to other facilities and regions, aiming to replicate the benefits across its global operations.

Bjørn Thorsen & Chem-Trend

For more than 10 years, Bjørn Thorsen offers highly efficient Ultra Purge™ purging compounds from Chem-Trend developed to match with the materials, machines and operating ranges of plastics processors producing a wide range of end products.

Optimize your production, save time, waste and frustration by inquiring about Ultra Purge™  today! Contact our team!

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