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TPV Success story: Watering hose with 43% reduced CO2e emissions compared to a PVC hose!

FITT Group colaborated with Celanese to develop the FITT Force® watering hose with Santoprene® TPV, a durable and versatile compound that outperforms traditional materials. FITT reports a 43% reduced CO2e emissions in the life-cycle assessment of one meter of hose compared to a meter of the standard PVC hose.

The world's first responsible watering product has arrived with -43% CO2e emissions.

Celanese product team understands the struggles of using traditional materials in water hoses: finding a balance of high puncture and abrasion resistance while maintaining a soft, flexible inner layer. Additional challenges include keeping a high extrusion speed with limited die drool and good laser printability.

Thanks to the unique and original NTS mesh,  FITT Force® is a hose that offers great malleability, prevents the formation of knots 
and twists, ensuring a constant flow of water. HD-TECH technology guarantees high resistance to abrasion and puncture. 

The use of Santoprene TPV, combined with ultra-light technology, gives the hose extreme handling  and high flexibility. 

 In the below presentation, you can learn more about this project and Santoprene TPV that will revolutionize water hoses.

Bjørn Thorsen distributes Santoprene TPV from Celanese in Nordic, Baltic countries, UK and Ireland. For more information or orders, feel free to contact our TPV expert Bo Norman at bn@bjorn-thorsen.com.

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Bo Norman
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